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Dune Review

Various Artists United Synthpop of America Volume One (Synthphony Records SYN007)

Well, it's difficult to explain what is inside this CD, so I'll try to explain a little for each band.

Shades of Grey Perfect Wine (a new track not included on their CD. As for their style, this is a synthpop song with good easy melodies with soft vocals).

Darklight Look Up (very soft and melancholic, but with good atmospheres).

Cosmicity Isabella (same song from their album reviewed here some time ago).

Color Theory Just Who I am (I don't know what does it means "Tinmen Identity Crisis Mix", but try to imagine a synthpop song remixed by a techno freak: the result is quite nice).

Agnes Poetry Drown (nice mid tempo with a bass line really pumping).

Goodbye July Asleep on Your Soft Word (I don't know why but they remind me of Tears For Fears second period but Goodbye July are better).

The Pleasure Opera Change Your Mind (let's dance! This track opens with a blast just to stop and to increase the rhythm and the melody. Yeah!).

Odium State Tomorrow Day (catching and pumping with a good easy to remember refrain).

Secret Secret Nichiyobi (oh, oh, they like techno a lot. The piano sound and the drum are the same, but they add a very good male voice that talks followed by a intriguing japanese female voice. It seems to me a mix between techno and new wave. Really great!).

Paradigm Drowning in You (go, go! Let's dance the german beat. They are American, but the way this track opens seems to me the D.A.F. Just great!)

Saudade Seeing This World (the rhythm slows down with and hard beat mid tempo. A sensual rhythm and a whispered voice, makes this song a good one).

Lilies of the Field So Many Things (easy to listen and poppy but nice).

Vocode Sonique System (pumping, and evocative like the DM but with a touch of techno rhythms).

Kaj Under the moon (melancholic, but with a great bass line and a great melody. New wave influences of the 80's. Great!).

Aria Amber Storm ("Acid Rain Remix" I don't know what this song have to do with the acid, but it starts like a good mid tempo but it follows as it has started. A little static instrumental version).

Maurizio Pustianaz - DUNE

Secret Secret
San Francisco November 2001