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The Industrial Bible Review

Synthphony Records pulls through again with another bright sy nth-pop collection entitled United Synthpop of America. While Sweden is musically known as the Ōland of synth-popÕ, Synthphony Records shows that the USA also boasts a large synth-pop underground.

Many of the bands present (Paradigm, Cosmicity, and Shades of Grey) are already causing a ripple in the underground dance circuit, while the remainder of the artists display their talents of equal merit.

Secret SecretÕs Nichiyobi was my immediate favorite. Blending older styled techno synth lines with a galloping beat, and melodic sequences, this track plays off as an 80Õs tune with 90Õs programming. The vocals are shared between a male (with a spoken delivery style) and a female (with a sweet, crooning delivery.)

Another good track is ParadigmÕs Drowning in You. This piece is comprised of hollow sequences, a squeaky rhythm, and an erratic, flat beat.

Color TheoryÕs Just Who I Am (Tinmen Identity Crisis mix) is the longest piece on the CD and combines styles that range from gabba (found in the beat), spacey Euro electro (found in the sequences) and EBM (found in the rhythm.) The only real synth-pop element is the way that the vocals are delivered, even though portions of them are slightly distorted.

Drown by Agnes Pony is a catchy piece with a solid bass line and crisp vocals. The rest of the pieces are truly varied in style, but they each have a somewhat recognizable factor that aligns them with the synth-pop genre. Think that the US has nothing to offer in the way of melodic dance music? Pick up United Synthpop of America. You may be surprised at what your answer will be.

Secret Secret
San Francisco November 2001