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Wednesday April 15 1998 Volume 01 : Number 011

In this issue:
Secret Secret News!
End Of The World!


Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 02:58:19 -0700
From: Rob
Subject: Secret Secret News!

There's been a lot going on for Secret Secret, and I'm sorry that I've not kept you all up to date with the events. This is just a quick post to keep you out of the pitch dark as it were...

The line up for the band has changed a lot. With all the success that we are starting to see the band is becoming much more demanding of peoples time. Because of this everyone except myself has decided that they would like to open up their positions in the band to someone else. This saddens me to no end but I understand their motivations. For instance, Taiko is both working and going to school full time, Shannon is moving to LA to study at UCLA, and Dave has this great new internet job in San Diego. They just don't have the time anymore.

So I've been actively looking for new bandmates. I've put an ad in one of the local papers, put up flyers and I've gotten some response and met some cool folks. I've not found anyone this way though.

I have found one person to join the band. Her name is Niina. She's from Japan and is quite the musician. I'm very excited about her joining the band. We'll have her info up on the website before too long. :) In a later post I'll let you know how I met her. It's quite a cute story.

The CD is coming along. I've been hard at work on the songs and they are taking shape. More on this in a later post.

Secret Secret has been offered a show this month and we've decided to take it. We'll be performing on Saturn's day the 25th of April in Golden Gate park at the band shell. More on this in a later post!

We've had our music played in two SF Goth clubs recently! Both Fernando at Shrine of Lilith, and Craig at Arkham played Nichiyobi at their clubs. AND PEOPLE DANCED! This was really cool! We hope to see more of this happen.

SS is now listed on the Ultimate Bands List. I'll be adding a link from our website.

OK, enough for now...more soon ;)


Secret Secret


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 03:07:00 -0700
From: Rob
Subject: End Of The World!

End Of The World is a Synthpop webzine that recently posted about Secret Secret.

You can find this at:


Secret Secret


End of Dreaming Digest V1 #11

Secret Secret
San Francisco December 2003