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Wednesday May 20 1998 Volume 01 : Number 019

In this issue:
Last Nights Show


Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 17:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rob
Subject: Last Nights Show

The show last night at the Ventura Theater went off very well. It was a little challenging getting there on time, we only found out that were got the show about 36 hours before we were suppose to be on stage!

We were the first band to go on. Switchblade Symphony were the headliners. The entire staff at the Ventura Theater were great. If you've not been to this venu you have missed out. It's a great old theater with an awesome sound system. Everything sounded so good.

There was another band that played between us and Switchblade, from LA, but I never did catch the name of their band. I gave them my email address so when I find out I can let you know. They were quite good to and I enjoyed hanging with them after the show.

As to our set, it all went very well. We opened with Count and continued in this order...City of Darkness, Itsumademo, Car 17, Wish and a cover of Cities in Dust.

We had just put togther the cover and I was up to 3 am working on getting it ready for the show. As such I didn't know it quite as well as I would have liked and missed the 3rd verse, but people were very cool about it. Other then that things went very well. People seemed to like our version of the song so it's probably going to make it on to our CD.

After the show we set up our t-shirts where I met many of the folks that came to the show. I had a fun time talking with them and what not. Very nice people in Ventura.

Speaking of T-shirts, people really like the new ones. Thanks to everyone that helped put the new shirts together.

If you didn't get to see us at this show that's ok we have some more shows coming up. The current schedule looks like this:

June 15th Borders books, Palo Alto 1pm
June 17th Shrine of Lilith, SF 9pm

We are looking to get some more shows in June and we'll keep you posted as they come onlne.



Secret Secret

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