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Saturday, June 13 1998 Volume 01 : Number 022

In this issue:
Secret Secret & Faith Assembly shows in June


Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 20:50:01 -0700
From: Rob
Subject: Secret Secret & Faith Assembly shows in June

Secret Secret, San Francisco's Gothic Synthpop band and Socal's Faith Assembly will be playing two shows together in the San Francisco Bay Area on June 15th and June 17th.

Secret Secret's song "Nichiyobi" was recently released on Synthphony's "United Synthpop of America" compilation. Here's what people have had to say about it:

"...There are two stand out tracks that one can match up against anything from the '80s college rock scene...the second track is Secret Secret's "Nichiyobi." Oh wow, set those Casio's for stun! This great track recalls Landscape or even "Punishment Park" from the Weathermen. Super-funky, super-cool and supper detached. Super good. Worth picking up..." - David Richards, Lexicon Magazine

"Got the CD yesterday and must have given it 15 spins in my machine already. I think it's great and very catchy. I can't get that female voice chanting Nichiyobi out of my head... The instrumentation is perfect in both tracks..." - Paul Fucito, The End of the World, on the Secret Secret songs "Nichiyobi" and "People Go Out"

Secret Secret's "Nichiyobi" is also in the number one position of Lexicon's Current play list, in the Spring '98 issue.

Faith Assembly is currently working on their remix EP, which will be available from A Different Drum.

The Shows:

Moon's day June 15th
Borders Books, Palo Alto, on University
Show time: 1pm - 2:30pm

Woden's day June 17th
Shrine of Lilith, at the Maritime Hall
375 1st street, at Harrison
Faith Assembly goes on at 11pm
Secret Secret takes the stage at the Witching Hour

Hope to see your there!


Secret Secret


End of Dreaming Digest V1 #22

Secret Secret
San Francisco December 2003