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Monday, August 3 1998 Volume 01 : Number 028

In this issue:
Anguish/ Funeral in Berlin/ Secret Secret Aug 5th


Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 13:25:45 -0700
From: Rob
Subject: Anguish/ Funeral in Berlin/ Secret Secret Aug 5th

Come and see Anguish, Funeral in Berlin, and Secret Secret play live at Lindees in Concord this Woden's day on August 5th. It's a free show, a close drive and it's even right next to a bart station. That's three SFish Gothish bands in one night and no cover!

I've been told that on Woden's day the club lets under 21 in until curfew. So ring them up to verify this at: 925/676-7272

We are looking for folks that can share rides and do the caravan thing out to the show. The gathering point for this event will be the Safeway parking lot on Market at Church. If you can help out with this please send me a privet message. More info on this to follow.

Directions to Lindees from SF is basically:

580E to 24N (towards Berkeley/ Sacto) 680 (towards Sacto) 242 (as in front, towards Corcord) exit at Clayton. Follow Clayton through the bend and look for Lindees on the left in a small shoping center - 2765 Clayton Rd.

Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing you at the show!


Secret Secret

End of Dreaming Digest V1 #28

Secret Secret
San Francisco December 2003