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Wednesday, August 5 1998 Volume 01 : Number 030

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Come and See Secret Secret TONIGHT! - Live Aug 5th


Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 15:31:50 -0700
From: Rob
Subject: Come and See Secret Secret TONIGHT! - Live Aug 5th

OK, tonight's the big night. Here's the info again in case you don't have it.

It looks like there will be a big listee turn out and that's great! :)

For ride information check below. Tal (aka Midnight) and Simon (aka Necrosis) will be handeling the convoy. Look a SS sign of some such, by the cafe near the world wraps place at the Safeway at church and market.

To recap, it's free, affordable drinks, fun folks to hang with, the show goes on early (about 9pm, but get to the Safeway before 8pm if you need a ride) so you can check out the other clubs afterwards, blah blah blah...

Thanks to everyone for your support! See you at the show. :)


Secret Secret


Anguish, Children with Knives (featuring members of Funeral in Berlin), and Secret Secret are performing this Woden's day (tomorrow) at Lindess in Concord.


I called the club to varify the under 21 thing. They stopped doing the under 21 thing on Woden's days, so if you are under 21 bring the proper papers, if you know what I mean... =8<>

We are looking into shows where people under 21 can attend. We'll keep you posted.


There will be a group of people meeting at the Safeway parking lot at Church and Market at 7:30pm. They will leave around 8pm towards Concord for Lindees.

Lindees is located at 2765 Clayton Rd. in Concord. You can call them at 925/676-7272.

Basic directions from SF are:

580E to 24 (northish, towards Berkeley/ Sacto) 680 (towards Sacto) 242 (as in Front, towards Concord) exit at Clayton. Follow Clayton through the bend to the right and look for Lindees on the left in a small shopping center - 2765 Clayton Rd.

If you can drive please meet people at the Safeway parking lot at Church and Market with an auto so that you can carry people that can't drive. If you can't drive there should be someone that can give you a ride. The show is free, the bridge toll on the way back is $2 and of course some gas, so if you are getting a ride please help the driver with a wee bit-O-cash, ok? :)

Tal, aka Midnight - will be at the Safeway parking lot around 7:30pm to help everyone get together for the drive out there. There is a cafe there next to World Wraps. That's prolly a good meeting place. The folks in the band will already be out in Concord due to various and sundry things that we all have to do to get the show ready for you.

The convoy should get To Lindees well before 9pm, when the first band will go on. If you show up before that then we'll prolly start earlier. We want to make sure that all 3 bands get to play. I didn't check the drink prices, but I get the feeling that they will be affordable.


If you want to take the Bart then call Lindees and ask them what Bart exit is by them. It's very close, but I don't know the station name. Fun! This should be a very fun event. The club is on the small side and we should pretty much dominate it with gothish folk. Call it a take over if you will. :)

Other Clubs that night!

For those of you wanting to attend Bound or Lilith you should be able to make it back to SF in time for either.

Thanks so much, and I look forward to seeing at the show,


Secret Secret

End of Dreaming Digest V1 #30

Secret Secret
San Francisco December 2003