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Saturday, January 2 1999 Volume 01 : Number 038

In this issue:
More website updates! Reviews, Interview and more...


Date: Fri, 1 Jan 1999 23:43:05 -0800
From: Rob
Subject: More website updates! Reviews, Interview and more...

The first day of the year has been a busy one!

On the SS website you find the much awaited Tuned In Radio interview. This interview was broadcast in America, Canada and Europe.

There are also two new reviews on the USA comp that we are on. Both Dune and The Industrial Bible tell you what they think about Secret Secret.

A minor tweek to the website updateing the look a bit and including a minor text color adjustments.

I've also added a lot more links. You could get to just about any where from the SS site now! =8<>

And those of you that would like to go out to Thai Food with me a Katie had better say so soon! :)

Omaidoto Gozaimasu!


Secret Secret

End of Dreaming Digest V1 #38

Secret Secret
San Francisco December 2003