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Wednesday, February 3 1999 Volume 01 : Number 045

In this issue:
Nichiyobi comes in at number Three on the Jughead Count Down


Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 02:46:15 -0800
From: Rob
Subject: Nichiyobi comes in at number Three on the Jughead Count Down

***This is a special news bulletin from Secret Secret***

Secret Secret's song "Nichiyobi" comes in at number Three on the Jughead Count Down, making this the fifth week in the Top Ten. The Jughead show airs once a week on Wednesday nights from 10 to midnight on KSUH via the internet on "" Please see below for details.

"Nichiyobi" entered the Jughead count down at number 24, on November 18th. Since then it's been steadily climbing it's way up appearing in the Top Ten five times. Nichiyobi is Japanese for Sunday. The Secret Secret song "Nichiyobi" is about a Japanese girl that stays home on Sunday night and plays the classic video game Pong.

"Nichiyobi" is available both on the CMJ Certain Damage #99 disc, from Synthphony Records on the "USA" compilation and soon to be available on the Secret Secret release "The City of Secrets."

If you have a chance please check out the Secret Secret website. There are numerous recent links, updates and additions. You'll also find audio, video and various information about the band Secret Secret.

Jaa Mata,


Secret Secret - A San Francisco based Synthpop band with a Gothic flair

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===========From the Jughead Show==========

Internet 28 Vol. 2 Iss. 3:12599

Welcome to another edition of the Internet 28 Countdown on KSUH Internet radio playlist. This list is a compilation of my opinions and your opinions and it results in the 28 biggest songs on the Internet every week. To send your opinions, simply send an e-mail to, or leave a voicemail at 510/885-3588 ext 3. The Internet 28 Countdown airs every Wednesday night from 10 to midnight, PST at:

You need the RealPlayer G2 to listen to it, and you can download it for free at

2 1 Sister Soleil/Hit me
1 2 lisahall/Comatose
4 3 Secret Secret/Nichiyobi
3 4 The Kirby Grips/Beautiful Stupid Angel
5 5 IBOPA/Dead Lady's Dress
9 6 Red Five/I'm Bound
6 7 Homegrown/Suffer
7 8 Chantigs/Raquel (Hey)
10 9 Miles Helm/Brave new World
12 10 Barenaked Ladies/Never is Enough
8 11 Better Than Ezra/At the Stars
11 12 julie plug/Devoted
13 13 The Murmurs/I'm a Mess
15 14 Superheroes/I Touched her Legs
16 15 Susan Z/Justin Jones
18 16 Joy Pop Turbo/School Rhymes
17 17 The Megatron Jones/Yesterday
14 18 The Goo Goo Dolls/Broadway
21 19 Mankind Liberation Front/Dopedreams
19 20 Baxter/Television
20 21 The Controls/Key to Nord
25 22 Bare Jr./You Blew me off
23 23 Wes Cunningham/Say My Name
28 24 Colin James/Let's Shout (Baby Work out)
26 25 Tarika/Retany
22 26 Whole World/If Only|Atomic Zen
--> 27 Juliana Hatfield/Bad Day
--> 28 The Offspring/The Kids Aren't Alright

To affect the countdown, submit your requests by responding to this email. Thanks! :)

Joel Edelman, Operations

End of Dreaming Digest V1 #45

Secret Secret
San Francisco December 2003