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Sunday, October 31 1999 Volume 01 : Number 059

In this issue:
Secret Secret update 10/31/99


Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 15:09:50 -0800
From: Rob
Subject: Secret Secret update 10/31/99

Konichiwa, minasan ogenki desuka?

A quick up date on what's going on with Secret Secret.

Our show in NYC went very well. There were over 400 people there when we played. It was great. For this show Miwako helped out. She was great. She played the synth and sang. It's too bad she's going back to Japan. Other bands that played with us include Science Park, Anything Box, KieTheVez, Cosmicity, and the Carol Masters. It was a very fun show and all of the bands put on a good set. Thanks so much to every one that helped on with this event. And a big thanks to "Bad" Rob for all the help he gave us! And to Myke from Sci Park who was awesome!

The SFGSI (San Francisco Goth Synth Industrial) compilation is coming along quite well. We plan to have this ready by xmas time. If things go well we will have the first release party on xmas eve at Shrine of Lilith in San Francisco. I'll post about that if it's going to happen. If you are interested in doing a release party for it in your area please contact me.

We are starting to work out the plans for a SFGSI tour. This will include 4 to 6 of the bands from the compilation and we will possibly play shows from Seattle down to Sandy Eggo. More info as this comes together. Prolly in the spring time. For those of you that can't wait and want to know what the SFGSI website is going to look like send me an email and I'll send you the url. But try to keep it Secret until it's official, ok? :)

There are a bunch of new things up on the SS website. There are all new song files from the songs coming from our soon to be released "The Living Secrets." There are some updates to the discography page, the bio page, and a few updates to the look of the site as well.

We also have a new site for our record label Denki Tiger.

Off of the Denki site you can check out more info from the NYC adventure. Just click on the Synthpop Showcase banner at the top of the page. It lists information about the bands and what not. I'm expecting to get set lists from the vairious bands and when I do I'll be posting them to the site. :)

Lexicon Magazine has a new CD coming out with a Secret Secret song included on it. On this CD will be our song "Itsumademo" which means "forever." You can check it out at:

This promises to be a great CD and you get it for free with a subscription to Lexicon!

We have a brand new batch of T-shirts available. We have a grey shirt with Samatha (our logo) on the front, and a black shirt with Samatha and the purple cross. Both shirts are short sleve and are available in XL, L, and M. The grey shirts are $10, and the black shirts are $15. Shipping in the states is $3 for 1 to 2 shirts. (actually it went up to $3.20, but we'll still do $3 to make it easy).

We also have a limited number of "Count" single CDs, SFGSI Preview CDs, and XevenT single CDs for $7 (shipping included in the states). And, for those of you that just can wait, we have the CDR "beta" release of "The Living Secrets" available for $10 (shipping included in the states). All of these discs are CDRs.

We will have the pressing of the SFGSI disc late this year in time for xmas presents for $10 (shipping included in the states), and early next year the pressed version of "The Living Secrets." You can preorder the pressed version of SFGSI now. The price of "The Living Secrets" has yet to be set so we are not taking orders for it just yet. :)

If you would like to place an order you can send a check made out to "Rob," or well concealed cash to our po box at:

Denki Tiger
P.O. Box 320122
San Francisco, CA 94132

We hope to have credit cards working on our website for when the SFGSI CDs become available. But for now we have to do things through the mail.

Happy Halloween, and All Saints day! The day of the dead...


Secret Secret : XevenT : Denki Tiger

End of Dreaming Digest V1 #59

Secret Secret
San Francisco December 2003