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Thursday, August 3 2000Volume 01 : Number 063

In this issue:
News and upcoming events for Secret Secret


Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 02:34:32 -0700
From: Rob
Subject: News and upcoming events for Secret Secret

Hi folks,

We have just revamped our email list from the email addys that we have collected at our shows and from our email in box. So you may find yourself on this list wondering how did I get on this wonderful list. :) If you would like off this list just send me a post. Now to the good stuff...

Secret Secret Live

This September Secret Secret will be touring the West coast with Paradoxx. Paradoxx are a gothic synthpop band from Australia. Check out their website at:

Current cities planed for the tour are:

San Francisco
Los Angeles
Orange County
San Diego
Sacramento San Jose

With in the next week or so these dates should be solid and we'll post them. You'll also be able to find listings and links on the SS website around that point in time.

October also looks like it will be an exciting month, but these dates are set so we'll have to get back to you. :) But I will say this KSCU has something very special planned for October.

For these events Secret Secret is looking for some supporting band members. If you know someone that would like to travel in a synth band please have them contact us.

Secret Secret on the Radio

In Santa Clara servicing the Silicon Valley KSCU is playing Secret Secret music. Today I received a call from an excited friend as he heard on the radio whilst driving around. You can listen to KSCU via the internet from their website or if you live in the area at 103.3 FM.

They have a request line at: 408.554.5728 (KSCU). We encourage you to call in and ask for Secret Secret Music. :) You can also email them at:

Secret Secret T-Shirts

We now have available two different SSTs. We have the black shirt with white and purple printing. These shirts are $15 and come in In addition to this we have a grey shirt with black printing. These shirts are available for $10 and come in medium, large, and extra large. Shipping in the US is $3 per shirt. To order send a check or money order made out to "Rob" and send it to:

Denki Tiger
P.O. Box 320122
San Francisco, CA 94132 Attn: SST

Lexicon Magazine

Lexicon magazine's volume four of their Now Music CD will include Secret Secret's "People Go Out - The Spy Mix." To get a copy of this just subscribe and it will come with the magazine. To see a complete list of bands in the CD check out their website at:


This October Denki Tiger releases San Francisco Goth Synth Industrial. This CD+ features B! Machine, Battery, Cause and Effect, Claire Voyant, Galaxy Chamber, Information Society, Mark Pistel, Nuit, Secret Secret, See Colin Slash, Spit Kiss, Sunshine Blind, The Winter Chapter, and Trance to the Sun. For more information check the Denki Tiger website at later this month.

Okay, that's enough to hold you for a little while. :)

Jaa matane,


Secret Secret : XevenT : Denki Tiger

End of Dreaming Digest V1 #63

Secret Secret
San Francisco December 2003