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Friday, November 2 2001 Volume 01 : Number 084

In this issue:
The Season of Darkness mini tour - and other Secret Secret news


Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 11:31:12 -0800
From: Rob
Subject: The Season of Darkness mini tour - and other Secret Secret news

Happy Halloween and Season of Darkness!

We just got back from Long Beach where we did the third show of the Season of Darkness tour at The Bizarre Vampire Bazaar. The first two shows were in Japan and they were great! Japanese Gothlings really get into their outfits.

Info about the cool bands and DJs that we played with, the venues and photos from all three shows at:

For photos just click on the photos menu button.

Thanks to everyone that helped out (and there were many) and to those that came out to the shows. There is a small chance that a Bay Area show will be added to the Season of Darkness tour. If that happens I'll let you know.

During The Season of Darkness tour we had some excellent guest members join us on stage. In Japan there was Masami and Hiromi. Masami is a wizard at the keyboards and plays in the band Kurasu. A tremendous help to be sure. His good friend and former band mate Hiromi joined us for keyboards and backing vocals. She's from Kyoto! She was great. State side our good friend Amber who has been a Secret Secret support for years played keys at our Long Beach show. Barry a new friend of the band also joined us for the Long Beach show. Thank you so much to all of you. Secret Secret will be doing a lot of shows next year and we are looking for members that can go on the road. If you know of someone please introduce us.

There have been a bunch of little updates to the Secret Secret website including long over due links to our friend's band websites, and some other links. Other minor tweaks have been made to various locations on the website. :)

We met a lot of new music friends in Japan. Many of them now have links on our website with the new Japanese bands section on the bands links page. Please check it out, but beware that most of them are in Japanese.

While in Japan I did a radio interview for Ascii magazine. Saeki Kenzo interviewed me in Japanese and you can hear it at:

The site is in Japanese so it may bit a bit difficult to navigate if you don't have a computer set up to read Japanese. Sorry, I don't have a direct link. I am working on getting a transcripted version, and then of course an English translation. =8<>

Carl and I think we got the spam thing to the list fixed (we'll soon find out!). We've added PPP (password posting protection). Sorry about that whole awkwardness, but it looks like it's finally sorted out. :)

Now it's back to work on "The City of Secrets" our next CD. The adventure game that will be featured on the cd is coming along nicely. Emily our "Maker" created a "Trailer" version of the game for an adventure competition, and she won! That was a most pleasant surprise.

Info from the Judges at:

The Trailer can be downloaded at:

We also have, as a preview to the new cd, a Video CD with three tracks from our Dark Memorial Tour. Featured on it are Forgotten, Sanctuary and Metal. We sell these for $10 and can be ordered via email.

Our friend Davi from Blind Before Dawn did a review of our "The Living Secrets" CD for the Aid for Bands website. You can read the review on the SS site and there are links to the Aid for Bands site:

Our friend Sonya from In Music We Trust did a review of "The Living Secrets" CD. The review and links are on the Secret Secret reviews page at:

"The Living Secrets" CD can also be ordered via email, and we sell this for $10. We still have some gray Secret Secret T-shirts for $10, and some black ones that go for $15.

Jaa matane,


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End of Dreaming Digest V1 #84

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