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Monday, December 8 2003 Volume 01 : Number 090

In this issue:
The Secret of Japan


Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 23:27:55 +0900
From: Rob
Subject: The Secret of Japan

Secret Secret Friends,

It has been a whirl wind of events for Secret Secret this year. So much so that I've not been able to keep up with this list. Of particular note CD Baby has been doing really well with the SFGSI comp. Thanks so much to Derek and his people, and all that are buying the comp. We've added a new store where you can buy the SFGSI comp as well - - in Shinjuku Japan! The store is called Gold and is the place to get goth, industrial, and synthpop in Tokyo. They are amazingly cool people over there. On to the events...

There were the events in March that were awesome, then the June trip to Japan where we got to perform with Neurotic Doll, Romeo Mirror, and other friends. We also got to perform for the first time at Alamode - Shinjuku's super cool Lolita event. You'd swear that you stepped into the pages of the Gothic Lolita Bible. Even the models show up for this event. And while in Osaka there was a guest appearance at Haru's Strange Tea Party. And that was just June.

Neurotic Doll:
Romeo Mirror:
Alamode 4:
Strange Tea Party:

Upon returning to the States it was the awesome Fanime event GakuFest. Blood from Osaka came over and it was great fun. Also, B!Machine and Echoing Green (USA) performed. It was fun to hang out with them again. Good people - good friends. Lorrayne and Matt did an amazing job putting on the GakuFest event and next year promises to be even better.

The Echoing Green

A couple of weeks later it was down to Anaheim for the Anime expo. We didn't perform but both Slade and I made it down there for the J-rock events. We even saw Shiki and Ava there. I was called in by my good friend Sophie and her better half Tim to help out with the sound and production for Duel Jewel and Blood. It went really well. Very professional. There's nothing like being appreciated and the whole gang, including Harry's people, pulled together to make this a great event. I also got a moment to enjoy Cherry Pie's J-Rock/Loli cosplay event. The hall was packed with cuties! Not to mention Kassie!

October rolled around and there was Yaoi Con. While we didn't perform there this year like we did last year, but I did get to DJ at the event. This year's Yaoi Con was fantastic. If you missed out I'm sorry to hear that. Make sure you go next year! The dance was over all too soon, but there was much fun and even some waltzing to be had. The after party will be of legend I am sure.

Special thanks to JM, Alex, and Al on this one. And of course it was great to see everyone again. Sue and Wendy you put on a great con! It is quite possible that I'll be posting my DJ play lists on the SS site before too long.

Then it was on an airplane bound for Japan to perform at the Tokyo Dark Castle Halloween event. This had to be the event of the year. There were so many adorable creatures from all over the planet dressed up with amazing outfits. I took a lot of photos which will eventually make it to either the SS or Denki websites. Once you see the photos you'll be even more sorry if you missed this event!

The gothic parade was without a doubt one of the best experiences I've had in Japan. Nearly 200 gothlings strutting together through the streets of Shibuya on the night of Halloween. Every so often Genet would pause the march and we would dance in the streets. There couldn't have been a better way to kick off the evening then waltzing with beautiful ladies in the streets of Shibuya. The muggles were left quite speechless.

Yes this was just the start of the night - or should I say morning. From there it went on to great performances, and a lot of wonderful music. I must say I was more then happy to hear some Dead or Alive being spun at 4am. Got me up and out of the chair to dance. :)

Being a performer at an event like this does have it's drawbacks. I didn't get to actually see a lot of the event, but there were two highlights for me. First was seeing my friends Phantasmagoria from Osaka perform, and second Kiki Rara's fashion skit. This was the first time I actually got to see Phantasmagoria perform as a group. I've seen Aci play the violin at the Strange Tea Party and that was cool, but add the vocals of two divine gothic ladies and you have Gothic Heaven. The only problem I had with their show is that 18 minutes just isn't enough. Give me more! Even though my arm was aching from holding up the heavy video camera I would have enjoyed a 45 minute set with 3 encores. Oh well, they'll be back up here in November again. Make sure you see them.

Kiki's skit was so funny. I nearly dropped the camera twice! Imagine a group of incredibly dressed up dolls brought out on stage one by one brought out on stage by a top hat wearing dandy. Then he winds them up like toy soldiers after which they start to dance. The big surprise comes by way of an adorable creature popping out of a treasure chest pushed on stage by two of the dolls. Finally after the toys wind down they are put away one at a time save one: The Kiki Swashbuckler - which is too difficult for the top hatted care taker to return to it's proper place. So Genet is recruited for his special services because everyone knows that only Genet can wind up a Pirate in that oh so special way! You missed it, but I didn't. Though I did tape it...

Afterwards 50 or more of us met up at Jonathan's cafe for what truly was the Day of the Dead. We totally invaded the place. We just didn't want to give up on what was such a fantastic event. Again the muggles were freaking out, but we didn't care. We were still dressed up in our finery and we wanted to be seen. Even if we were zombies - oh the fate of the walking dead.

Genet san - Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening - Honto ni arigato sugoi ii imoide ga arimasu! Masami and Gordon you are great - I couldn't ask for better members. Isuhara thank you for the makeup and lets go shopping! Taroo I'm glad you made it! Chihiro your are the guide extrodinar. Shisan let's do a duet of "Itsumademo". Uhara we can fix that dress. Kiki will you ever cease to amaze me? K chan did the light stay on inside that chest? Haduki chan thank you for the waltz. Raisu I still want a waltz with you! Satsuki you looked great as always. Tami I missed your show - gomen nee. Itx you and your lady are the finest dressed and that's only topped by your kindness. Sukus you are the man and you look so good dressed up! Aci and Har// why do you have to live so far away? |k| we gotta hang out and talk shop. ԔL (Aka Neko!), okay I can't spell your name but I can copy/paste it. :) Tekeshi thanks for the great sound your staff rocks! Guchi I almost didn't see you without the butterflies. Dora where did you go? Same for you Awi? I know I saw you guys. Ken you were around a bit but I didn't get to hang - sorry. Maki chan - you didn't make it! My new service buddies it was fun chatting with you. And all you adorable people who's names I didn't catch thank you so much.

For those of you that missed it Burst magazine did a big 4 page report on this event. There are even two photos of SS in there! I'm told that in the next issue of GLB the Tokyo Dark Castle event will be covered as well. :) Cross your fingers...

But that just wasn't enough!

Then there was Alamode 8 where we did perform. By this time I had my purple hat and corset ready to wear! Again Alamode is like walking into the Gothic Lolita Bible. I don't know why the Bible doesn't feature this event in their pages. This time though for SS it was awesome. The audience by now even knows our songs so they are able to sing them with us. So for Nichiyoubi I went out into the audience and held out the mic. It was so cool! Having them sing along really made the show for me. But we also brought them up on stage for dancing - and not just the lovely ladies mined you. The guys that show up to this event are dressed to the nines as well - so of course we invited them up on stage to waltz. It's that naughty Yaoi Con influence I tell you!

Alamode 8:

Following were a couple of nights DJing at Taroo's Karakuri Kamakiri event. This is a really fun event with some of Tokyo's raising stars, artists displaying their work, and always a good laugh to be had during the MC part of the show with Mira. I'll be DJing this event again on December 12th and 18th.

Late in November was the Alamode Market 2. There were many goth and loli venders for an afternoon of loli shopping. Taroo and I shared a table where we had post cards, cds, and corsets available. The ladies were dressed so fine at this event. And Taroo was looking so snappy that he even won the best outfit award!

Unrelated to SS, but very fun all the same and worth mentioning - Taroo took me out to see his friends Schwarz Stein. They did a really great show with great costumes and make up. For you Mana fans their newest cd is produced by Mana! We got to meet with them after the event so I presented them with a copy of SFGSI. Many of my friends were there including Yuki from Spider Lilly, and even Cameron showed up. He was really surprised to see me there.

Alamode 9 came around and while it's way too soon to have SS perform again. I was invited to join Taroo and Kari-ssu-mummy on stage for their live photo event. Kari-ssu was exhibiting at Tokyo Goth and Darkwave One where Secret Secret performed their first Gothic event in Tokyo. He was also at the Halloween Dark Castle, will be at the next Cyber Age Voodoo, and this last weekend had an exhibit in Shibuya. The stage performance was something to behold. I had a very small part in it, which is fine, I was happy to be there. Taroo ended up with so much lipstick all over his face that you couldn't even recognize him. Chihaya certainly showed a side of herself that I had never seen before! I hope to get some photos to post at some point. It was a lot of fun!

For Alamode 9 I had a new black and red spider web ladies corset on display. I did get some photos of some lovely ladies posing with my corsets so these should make it up to the site as well.

December 9th Secret Secret will be performing at the "ARTiSM FESTA!" produced by D Valentine. He's one of the people behind the Alamode events. This event brings together performance, vending, and local artists from all over. We are very happy to get the chance to participate in D's new endeavor. And if you are looking for a corset come and see me. :)

12/09 18:00 christmas event

Tokyo Dark Castle Devil's Christmas is coming up on December 22nd. We'll be performing and I hope to see many of you there. Make sure you make it to the parade where I'll be glad to share a waltz with you.

That well might be all she wrote for 2003. It's been an amazing year so far and there is more to come next year...

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Robert Blaque
Secret Secret
Denki Tiger

End of Dreaming Digest V1 #90

Secret Secret
San Francisco December 2003