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Friday, January 16 2004 Volume 01 : Number 091

In this issue:
Returning to America


Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 03:25:50 +0900
From: Rob
Subject: Returning to America

Secret Secret Friends,

Soon I will be returning to America after nearly 3 months of extended excitement here in Japan. Many live shows, DJing, making corsets! It has been truly amazing. Lots of thanks to everyone that supported us during this adventure and came to the shows. We couldn't have done this without you:

Doris, Jorie, Karen, Sidona, LX, Al, JM, Genet, Taro, Sunao, D's Valentine, Paytu, Rois, Maya, Haj, Yasuo and family, Goto, Rose, Kiki (and her staff), Masami, Gordon, Euro Chika (my Faery Goth Mother), Maki, Aci, Haru, Aka Neko, K, Michael, Robert, Alex, Peter, Neil, Kari-ssu, Carmilla, Awi, Mina, Rie, zAkro, Emmy, Jimmy, Yuki, Hitomi, Akemi, Momoka, Motoko, Jon, Jess, Chihiro, Chihaya, Key, Michi, Shisen, Shibiri, Chaori, Yusuke, Isora, Karuma, Clown, Romy, Raisu, Neu, all the wonderful staff at Head Power, Gold Records, Daichi, Natuyo, Kazuko, Reiko, Jakill, Jasmine, Mako, RaveMan, Rika, Yuko, Hiroaki, Miki, Maiko, Maruchiko, Miyu, Saori, Miyuki, Mai, May, Megumi, Nikki, Tomoko, Hiderou, Kiwako, Baba, Yuri, Ken, Ikko, Myoshi, Akiko, Nick, Steve, Dora, Static, Khimaira, Saiya, Asoko, Meme, Sam, Rosa, Honey, Nariki, Dee Lee, Rinna, Tech Mon, Oshiri, Yuka, Zinny, Nekoi, Harry, Diana, Val, Shu, Dale, Hironaka, Sino, Jun, Satoshi, Kyoka, and many more...

This year holds a lot of hopeful events for Secret Secret. We will be coming back to Japan in June for an all new event: Kobe Dark Castle. This is an extension of our friend Genet's Tokyo Dark Castle. The event promises to be huge.

In April we have been invited to perform at one of Brownie's events. The complete details have yet to be worked out but we will probably be in LA for this event on April 14th. Brownie really gets into her event planing and I am very excited about this show.

The Philippines
Yes we may play in the Philippines this year. Watch here for info on this. Some how they got a hold of our music and have been playing it. The promoter that brought Eve of Destiny over has contacted us about going there. We want to and it is just a matter of working out the details.

Gothic Lolita Bible #11
Yes we made it! We are in the Bible! This is such a cool thing that it should be at the top of the post. Don't know how it got all the way down here, but some times you just have to save the best for last!

Jya matana,


Total information:

Robert Blaque
Secret Secret
Denki Tiger

End of Dreaming Digest V1 #91

Secret Secret
San Francisco March, 2004