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Mariko Mori

 Mariko Mori

"Mariko is one of Japan's most innovative models. She dares to go where others only dream about. Her innovation has carried her far, and I suspect this is just the beginning."

Okay that's what I first said about Mori chan. Since then she's done even more great things. She became a recording artist! Moved to New York City, and continued on the path of innovation. She also appeared on DJ Spooky's CD That Subliminal Kid on the track Twilight Fugue. Mori chan sugoi desu ne!

When I first put this page together for Mori chan there were very few pages for her. Now there are many Mori chan fans and pages, here are just some of them:

Mori chant Fan sites

The Dream Experience

A very dedicated fan site, there is more Mori chan info here then anywhere that I've seen yet.

Shibuya River

In addition to some Mori chan info there are lots of other cool things to check out here.

Mori chan museum sites


I totally missed it but Mori chan was at SFMOMA. This featured Miko no inori (The Shaman-girl's Prayer) 1996, prolly my favorite Mori look.


Many links to cool Mori stuff.


They call her the Dreamcatcher.

Institute of Contemporary Art

Mariko participated in the Institute of Contemporary Art's Histories exhibition.


Svenska Flicka.

Mori chan articles

The Thing

Online art magazine, you can hear Mori chan here.

Purple Prose

Mori chan made their cover.

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