Secret Secret
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Radio Stations Playing Secret Secret Music

Radio Podcast

Cactus Killer Radio
Phillip Eno of Cactus Killer Radio adds Secret Secret's Nichiyoubi to volume 27 of his eclectic Podcast.

Radio College

Listen to Archpope Däch and MistressPrime on thier gothic Closed Caskets show for Secret Secret music on Saturday night from 10pm-Midnight Pacific Time on in Irvine. Webcast available.
Closed Caskets offical site!
KSCU 103.3 FM
Listen to DJ E.O. on his Synthpop Dekadance show for Secret Secret music on Friday nights from 9pm to 1am in Santa Clara. Webcast available.
Dekadance offical site!
WFDU-FM 89.1 FM The Shape of Things to Come
Listen to Bob Westphal TheOneBob in New Jersey for Secret Secret music. Webcast available.

Radio Internet

Joel Jughead Edelman on KSUH regularly plays Nichiyobi, which has charted in the Top Ten seven times, making it all the way to Number One on the Jughead count down!
Bear of Bear Naked Radio spins a night called Three Car Garage featuring independent bands. Tuesdays/Thursdays at 7pm and Sunday at Noon Pacific time zone.

Radio Commercial

Tuned In Radio: The New Rhythm of The Nation
The first Commercially syndicated radio show to interview Secret Secret, and play Nichiyobi.

Radio Japan

Love FM 76.1 Fukuoka, Japan
Marty Nomura has played both Nichiyobi, and People Go Out on his show Saturday Flight.

Secret Secret
San Francisco December, 2004