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Secret Secret Interviews

Tuned In Radio, The Rhythm of the Nation - Show #330

David: On the line with me this week from San Francisco California is Rob from the band Secret Secret. Hello Rob.

Rob: Hi David.

David: Hey Rob what's the weather like out there?

Rob: Actually it's been raining like crazy out here. It's been quite challenging to drive around. (laugh)

David: Now then first of all tell us a bit about the band Secret Secret.

Rob: Well we're a synthpop band with a gothic flair. Some would call us a gothic synthpop band. We've been doing synthesizer music for many years now, and we are just starting to come out and let people hear what we sound like.

David: You know gothic synthpop, usually you think of gothic sort of as alternative and punk, that kind of stuff.

Rob: Yeah, but these days it's turning towards synthesizer music. It's kind of interesting. I was quite surprised to see that there were other bands doing the same thing. I was at a (gothic) club recently in San Diego and the music they were playing was very "synthpoppy" and I was quite happy about that.

David: Ok now then I guess you're going to have sort of a gothic tinge. Ok I've got to read this. I've got sort of this bio here and it says special skills vision.

Rob: That's kind of a pun. The main sequencer I use is made from a company called Opcode and it's called "Vision." Since I spend all of my time working with "Vision" it was kind of a pun to put on our website.

David: Your not giving sort of a plug and getting a free "Vision" are you?

Rob: Actually I do some work for them.

David: OK. (Laugh)

Rob: (laugh) I do get it for free, but not for actually saying that.

David: Now I hear you like Saabs. Are you doing any songs about Saabs?

Rob: We do have a song called "Car 17" that's kind of about some of the Saabs. It's kind of fun.

David: Now then, we've got a song here on I guess on the synthpop CD. I hear you are also putting out an album.

Rob: Right, we're working on our first full length CD. We've been on several compilations previous to the Synthphony compilation, but right now we are working on a full length CD.

David: Ok we're going to hear you though, as soon as you have your album out, but what are we going to hear off the Synthphony "United Synthpop of America" compilation right now?

Rob: This is a song called "Nichiyobi." I use to work for a company called Atari. You might remember the video game "Pong?"

David: Yeah!

Rob: The little ping pong table tennis kind of game on the television? While I was working at Atari I had access to all that gear. I sampled a "Pong" machine, a "Super Pong" actually. And then I wrote a song about it. The song is called "Nichiyobi," which is Japanese for Sunday, and it's about a girl that like's to stay home on Sunday night and play "Pong."

(David cues "Nichiyobi.")

Secret Secret
San Francisco November 2001