Secret Secret's visual allure creates a soidisant furore that is bewitching people around the celestial body. Like a Tim Burton film you'll be hooked from the moment you begin to listen. Music from this dark troupe ignites the fire within your soul taking you on an adventure through the shadows. Calling from San Francisco, Secret Secret is influenced by such notables as Gary Numan, The Human League, Xymox, Ultra Vox, and David Bowie.

Secret Secret has performed live shows throughout California, Seattle, Portland, New York, Salt Lake City, and Japan. Secret Secret was featured at the CMJ Music Marathon Musicfest as part of the Synthpop showcase both in 1999 and 2000. This was the first time CMJ presented a Synthpop showcase. In 2001 Secret Secret became a fully international band having played at the first Tokyo Goth and Darkwave, and the World Ele Pop Festival events in Shibuya Japan. Stateside they were featured at the Bizarre Vampire Bazaar Halloween extravaganza.

For 2002 Secret Secret was the featured artist at Yaoi Con giving some hot yaoi action. 2003 found the band with many performances in Japan including Tokyo Dark Castle, Alamode, Artist Festa, and a headlining position at Fanime. 2004 was another ground breaking year for Secret Secret as they were a feature performer at the first Pacific Media Expo with some of Japan's top stars, shared a head liner position at the biggest Gothic event ever in Kobe for the Kobe Underground Festival, and they were the head liner of Tokyo Dark Castle San Francisco. 2005 the band co-headlined at the Dark Arts Festival and TDCSF II.

Their first full length CD, released in 1999, The Living Secrets features seven original Secret Secret tracks, a cover of Souxie and the Banshees' Cities in Dust, and even Gary Numan's Metal. Pop this CD into your computer and view a QuickTime movie of Secret Secret in action. Full details of the band on the cd viewable with your HTML browser.

They have appeared on multiple compilations including Denki Tiger's compilation SF Goth Synth Industrial with the song Forgotten, Lexicon Magazine's Now Music Vol.2 with the song Itsumademo, Synthphony Record's USA compilation with the song Nichiyobi, CMJ's Certain Damage #99 with Nichiyobi, Pan Handler's Multiple Insertions with the Nichiyobi QuickTime movie, and Pan Handler's Below San Onofre with the song People Go Out.

Secret Secret has received air play on American college and Japanese commercial radio. Other American and international stations have played Secret Secret via the syndicated show Tuned In Radio - The New Rhythm of the Nation - which airs in America, Canada and Europe. Secret Secret has also received Internet radio air play. The studio release of Secret Secret's song Nichiyobi went all the way to number one on KSUH's Jughead count down.

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...everybody has a secret... ...everybody has a secret...
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